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Soon after high school, Trey went to work for a Real Estate firm as a secretary. It was a part time job that was intended to generate some additional cash flow, but Trey had no idea how eye opening the opportunity was going to be. Watching people make one of the most important decisions of their lives; and seeing all of the emotion and excitement surrounding the decision to find a new home, Trey got to truly see the positive impact that a good Real Estate Broker can have on their clients.

Trey has spent the last 7 years of his career developing himself as a top-notch Sales person. He worked his way up the corporate ladder quickly, managing a sales team of 7 individuals and owning the responsibility for over 30 accounts equating to roughly $250M in sales annually. While this experience taught Trey many invaluable skills, it became clear to him that he was not doing what he was intended to be doing with his life. After working for years in a corporate job, Trey decided that he wanted to do something that meant more in life so he got his Real Estate Broker’s license, quit his job, and went back in to Real Estate.

With a Masters in Business from Indiana University, Trey has a knack for the “art of the deal.” Whether listing with Trey or allowing him to find you your next home, Trey helps his clients get the best value for their money. Having a strong background in sales; and having spent years building relationships, Trey looks to offer services that keep clients coming back. During your time working with Trey, you can guarantee that you will get genuine service tailored to your exact needs. Trey strongly believes that honesty and transparency are the best ways to build the foundation for any relationship and you can be assured that Trey is acting in your best interests throughout the whole process.

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